The What If? Collective

Meet the What If? Collective

The What If? Collective is a rotating collaborative lineup of artists who regularly contribute to the artistic mission of What If? Productions each season. As actors, directors, musicians and technicians, this family of artists are regular faces on the What If? stage and behind the scenes, sharing a passion for creating innovative and entertaining theatre for the people of Charleston and The Lowcountry. These are also artists who expand their horizons on a regular basis, working with other theatres and arts groups throughout the city, sharing their talent and wisdom in an ongoing effort to enrich the cultural landscape of Charleston and the Lowcountry.

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Kyle Barnette

Sarah Callahan 

James Ketelaar

Becca Anderson

Teralyn Tanner 

Kevin Thorn

Beth Curley

Caroline Tweedy


Brian Porter


Madelyn Knight

Tiffany Gammell

Grace Benigni