Winner: Best New Work WIP Play Fest 2016
Written By: Julie Zaffarano


A world premiere production
Sponsored by: Benefitfocus

Winner of What If?'s fifth annual Playwrights Festival in 2016, Julie Zaffarano's deconstructed romantic comedy centers around two playwrights and former lovers, Sebastian and Lisa, who have been brought together after a four year separation to write a revival romantic comedy. While each has had some mild success in writing since their separation, neither has achieved the success individually that they had received together. They are brought back together to collaborate by a producer that wants to cash in on a reunion. 

As Lisa and Sebastian work on their play, their characters come to life as the scenes are put down on paper. When the characters develop a mind of their own they work hard to decide their own romantic fates in this fast-paced and sexy new take on your standard romantic comedy. The PlayMakers was an overwhelmingly favorite by our Play Fest audiences who said they can't wait to see how What If? takes on hilarious new work from winner Julie Zaffarano.

Production cast and crew:
Lisa: Teralyn Tanner
Sebastian: Kyle Barnette
Actors 1 - 4: Bess Lawson, Cameron Christensen, Kimi Hugli & James Ketelaar
Stage Manager: Grace Benigni
Asst. Stage Manager: Meagan McMahon
Set Design: Ryan Miller

Show Dates: June 23 & 24 7:30pm ONLY (this is change of schedule)

Tickets: $18 Adult, $16 Senior, $12 Student/Military


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