AUDITIONS: The Legend of Georgia McBride


Sunday June 30th, 1:00pm - 3:30pm
(General auditions 1:00pm - 2:00pm // Callbacks 2:30pm - 3:30pm)
Queen Street Playhouse, 20 Queen Street

What If? Productions will be holding audition for the regional premiere of the big-hearted, drag-tastic comedy The Legend of Georgia McBride by Matthew Lopez for their upcoming 10th anniversary season. While the show contains plenty of musical moments, it is not a musical.

Directed by: Kyle Barnette

SHOW DATES: May 1 - 10, 2020

See below for show synopsis, roles available and audition requirements

Casey is an Elvis impersonator with everything going for him, including a flashy sequin jumpsuit. But just like that he loses his gig, rent is overdue and his wife announces a baby on the way. So when Elvis leaves the building and a drag show moves in, “The King” transforms into an all-out queen with the help of some new friends who become the second family Casey never saw coming. With snappy zingers and dance-worthy numbers, this wildly entertaining story will challenge your assumptions with extraordinary humor and depth.

ROLES AVAILABLE (there are five actors in this production, some roles are dual)

CASEY/GEORGIA: Male 20 - 30 (Caucasian)

Casey: Charismatic and good-looking small-town high school football star turned Elvis impersonator; has the biggest of hearts and loves his wife ferociously; dreams big, if not always practically; his charm and optimism are infectious; hasn’t had to grow up and take real responsibility for his life/family just yet; an artist who hasn’t yet found his voice.
Georgia: A wholly original drag queen with Elvis, country and rock 'n' roll roots; gritty, edgy, sexy, a force of nature; a transcendent artist who inspires her audiences to dream of a better life; vulnerable, driven, responsible, and completely self-possessed; joyous and thrilling.

NOTE: Role requires dancing in heels, lip syncing, singing and playing guitar.

J0: Female 20 - 30 (African-American/Latina)
Casey’s wife; a hard-headed woman married to a soft-hearted man; a realist who’s prone to being fatalistic, she grounds him, while he enables her to breathe and dream; tough without being bitchy, firm without being brittle; a steel rod for a spine; she loves him deeply and he’s the only person she feels safe showing her vulnerability to; works multiple service jobs struggling to keep them afloat and it’s taken a toll.

JASON/REXY: Male 22 - Mid 30s (Open ethnicity/gender)
Rexy: fabulously fierce and feisty sharp-tongued queen with a dark past; a trashy gal who fancies herself the most sophisticated in the room; loves boys and booze and thrives on conflict; a bit of a hot mess; can cut to the bone with her words; an unlikely moral compass with great respect for the history and art of drag.

Jason: Casey & Jo’s best friend and landlord; a sweet-natured working class guy; became a father young, henpecked at home, can sometimes be a bit spineless--but loves his friends dearly; capable of surprising insight and warmth. Note: Role requires dancing in heels and lip syncing.

EDDIE: Male 45 - 75 (Open ethnicity/gender)
Easily flustered and financially-desperate owner of a struggling dive bar; rough around the edges, a bit of a walking ulcer, but a huge heart; ferociously loyal and loving to his makeshift family; a man of simple tastes and simple needs, he doesn’t take naturally to the stage as an emcee--but eventually becomes an amateur showman who loves the spotlight.

TRACY: Male 35 - 55 (Open ethnicity/gender)
Sweet-natured drag queen, and drag mother to Casey; her impeccable timing, wit, and charm can disarm anyone; deeply nurturing by nature, she thrives on being a mentor, but is ruthlessly pragmatic
when she needs to be; ready to find a home and build something meaningful and lasting; equal parts inspiration and desperation. Role requires dancing in heels and lip syncing.

This is a simple but unique general audition for this show as ALL auditionees will only need to prepare a dynamic lip-sync performance of one of the following five songs:
’It’s Raining Men’ - The Weather Girls
’Jolene’ - Dolly Parton
’Naughty Girl’ - Beyonce
’Express Yourself’ - Madonna
’Work Bitch’ - Britney Spears

Props are welcome but not required. Songs will be provided for your audition. You will not need to perform the whole song. Just show you can work a room! Callbacks will take place shortly thereafter on the same day with readings from the script.

To sign-up for a lip sync audition email Caroline Tweedy at