City Paper throws some love at What If? in year-end theatre review

The Year in Charleston Theatre
by Maura Hogan for Charleston City Paper

Bloodiest Good Fun

With a splatter zone for fake blood, a goofy, talking moosehead, and amped-to-11, made-for-mayhem musical numbers, Evil Dead: The Musical served up a deliriously hot mess of a Halloween offering from What If? Productions, in partnership with Threshold Rep. This ever-so-silly send up of the B horror movie was full-tilt, unapologetic fun. Is that so wrong?

Best Mess With Your Head

I have to call another toss-up for this one. What If? Productions' fourth-wall smashingRoger & Tom took aim at its own black box form, and had a high old time doing so. Over at PURE, Constellations went astral on us, breaking through our own dimension in a barrage of alternate universes, which offered strange, transcendent comfort as it exploded my head.

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