REVIEW: 'Amadeus' is a Theatrical Triumph

by Mark Leon for

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was given the rarest of gifts; a brilliance so rare it was incomprehensible in his time.  He felt the music of the world and served as a messenger with his composition.  Hints of his brilliance are captured in Kyle Barnette’s latest What If? Productions of Amadeus playing at the Threshold Repertory Theatre.

This carefully scripted masterpiece is only matched by its hauntingly beautiful acting.  Brannen Daugherty as Antonio Salieri is triumphant as a man who must fight his inner demons and jealousy for the divine prodigy Mozart while maintaining poise and a level of rationality.  What may be one of the most compelling scenes in Charleston theater this season, Daugherty closes the first act with an monologue and impassioned conversation with the Almighty Lord that builds on his madness and jealousy.  The power and rawness of this scene is complimented with flawlessly choreographed music and lighting that leaves shivers throughout the audience.

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