Hilariously intriguing — if farcical — exploration into the stresses of raising a child
— Charleston City Paper

Think you’re a bad parent? Scared of what to expect when you’re expecting? A viewing of Baby with the Bathwater by What If? Productions will make you feel much better. An absurdist comedy written by Christopher Durang, the play tells the story of two new parents — not quite right in their own minds — who try to raise their new baby.

Introducing the play to the audience, director and What If? Productions co-founder Kyle Barnette described the show's bizarre nature, warning that logic and reason would be “completely thrown out the window.” He was not exaggerating.  

With scenes and dialogue that can only happen in a theater, Durang’s style begs viewers to suspend any notion of disbelief — something that is essential to an enjoyable viewing of the play. The writing is imaginative and ludicrous, but the adept cast handles it in stride, bouncing from one digression to the next. 

The piece opens with new parents Helen (Beth Curley) and John (Jay Danner) interacting with their newborn baby Daisy at their home. It only takes a few lines from each to realize these two may not be up to the job of child-rearing. After John is admonished by his wife for calling the baby “Daddy’s little baked potato,” for fear that the baby may grow up to think it is indeed a baked potato, the parents refuse to check the sex of the baby, instead believing they have a week to decide what gender it will be. Read Full Review