'thought provoking and brimming with complex emotions...' - Matt Dobie for Art Mag

Dark and gritty, hilarious and heartbreaking, Cabaret is musical theater at its best: thought provoking and brimming with complex emotions, wonderfully realized by the cast and crew of What If? Productions.

Set in 1931 Berlin, the story centers on the English cabaret performer Sally Bowles, her relationship with the American writer Cliff Bradshaw, and the seedy nightlife at her place of employment, the Kit Kat Klub.

As I said, it is a dark tale and one that cannot be fully appreciated by all ages. It is intended for adults, both for its overt sexuality and its grim undertones. But it is remarkably fun and lively, and it is this unique juxtaposition that makes for such an enriching experience. Mixing irreverent humor with fear and impending doom, and to do so in such a cohesive manner, is truly a marvel. There are absolutely no consistency issues even when switching from a laugh-out-loud ditty about a ménage à trois to a disturbing scene with a Hitler puppet singing, “Tomorrow Belongs To Me.” Click for full review