What If? Productions will holding auditions for a few roles in two of our 2017 - 18 season shows The Legend of Georgia McBride and Stupid Fucking Bird on Monday May 15th (callbacks will be held on a later date).  We will also be holding auditions for future performances of our popular Piano Bar Series. While some roles have been previously cast, we still have several very prominent acting roles open in our eight season along with a search for new female and male vocal talent for our cabaret-style Piano Bar Series! 

We will announce auditions for our remaining season 8 shows at a later date.

New to town or never auditioned for What If?:
No problem! We encourage and welcome new talent and hope you will come check us out so we can see what you have to offer. First time audtionees will need to sign up for a timeslot on the first day, Monday May 15th. For more information on what to expect at our auditions visit our WIP Audition Tips page.


The Legend of Georgia McBride
(rehearsals being August 5. Show dates Sept 1 - 16)

Casey/Georgia McBride: (Male age 22 - 28: Caucasian)
a charismatic and good-looking small town high school football star turned Elvis impersonator; a loyal, loving husband who dreams big, if not practically; lived a charmed life until now, and though he’'s never dumb, he hash’'t yet had to grow up and take responsibility for his life/family. Doubles as Georgia: a drag queen with Elvis, country, and rock ‘'n' roll roots, but ultimately a wholly original creation and a force of nature; sexy, flirtatious, and fierce.

Rexy/Jason (Male age 25 - 40: All ethnicities)
Rexy: bitchy in a mean way, but very funny; feisty and sharp-tongued with a dark past; a fairly trashy gal who fancies herself the most sophisticated in the room; thrives on conflict and is a bit of a hot mess, but she has great respect for the history and art of drag. Doubles as Jason: the sweet best friend of Jo and Casey who also happens to be their landlord

Eddie:  (Male age 40 - 60: All ethnicities)
The easily flustered, hot-headed owner of a struggling dive bar; a bit rough around the edges; still longing for the dimly remembered glory days of high school; cousin to Tracey.

Stupid Fucking Bird
(rehearsals begin Feb. 17, 2018. Show dates March 16 - 31, 2018)

Doyle Trigorin: (Male age 30 - 50: All ethnicities)
Dashingly handsome, famous author and lover to Emma

Dev: (Male age 20 - 35: All ethnicities)
Down to earth, best friend to Conrad and in love with Mash

Dr. Sorn (Male age 50 - 70: All ethnicities)
Close family friend of Emma and Conrad

Piano Bar Series
(Dec. 8 - 23 and various times throughout the year)

We will also be holding vocal auditions for potential female and male soloists for our upcoming lineup of our new and popular Piano Bar Series. Audtionees will need to perform a solo cabaret style song and provide sheet music upon arrival. Strong, confident soloists only, please! 

How to schedule an audition:

May 15th: If you have never auditioned for us before, please email our Stage Manager Caroline Tweedy HERE for a slot between 6:00pm & 8:15pm. Please indicate if you also intend to sing for the Piano Bar Series. if you are asked to attend a callback, please be prepared to return the following evening.

Please prepare a short comic monologue and bring sheet music for your vocal audition.

If you are interested in working backstage or tech for any of our shows please email Caroline HERE. We always welcome exciting volunteers and hard workers!